Kassam: With 35 Terror Attacks in Europe This Year, It’s Time America’s Left Got Some Perspective

The raging argument surrounding America’s “racist” monuments has dominated the news cycle in the U.S. of late. Breathless, hyperbolic, hot takes of horror and emotion, interspersed only by coverage of natural disasters. The murder of Heather Heyer, the anti-Semitism on display in Charlottesville, the Nazi flags, none of that can or should be minimized. But the discourse regarding monuments themselves, and the historical revisionism of the debate should be put into perspective. As much as America is culturally self-contained, she does not operate within a vacuum, as the nation’s sometimes ill-advised foreign involvements since 1975 demonstrate. Europe has experienced, this year alone, 35 attempted or executed terrorist attacks. That this is not major news in the United States speaks to a wilful insularity on behalf of the establishment media which picks and chooses what lessons the U.S. can learn from abroad. Perhaps it is because journalists in New York City or Washington, D.C. are fundamentally lazy. For this reason I have put together this map, as a tool by which to assist them in navigating the issue. As you can see, a crisis of extremism in Europe looks rather different to the “crisis” of extremism in the United States. While fledgling