Large Group of Asylum Seekers Brawl With Football Supporters

<> on October 16, 2015 in Passau, Germany.
A mass brawl between asylum seekers and LASK Linz FC football supporters saw several people injured in the old city of Linz over the weekend. Up to 40 asylum seekers and LASK Linz FC supporters were involved in a massive brawl in one of the oldest districts during the early hours of Saturday morning following a LASK match that took place earlier Friday afternoon. Police say that the supporters clashed with the asylum seekers near a restaurant on the Badgasse in downtown Linz leaving several injured from both sides, reports Austrian broadcaster ORF. Police received a call at around 4:00 am from a witness to the brawl and were able to arrive on the scene shortly afterward. Authorities claim that the brawl, which took place in an area heavily frequented by migrants, was the culmination of an argument that had escalated to the point of violence and was sparked by the football supports not being allowed into a local club by the doorman. When police arrived on the scene they saw over 40 men going at each other with fists and knives. The LASK supporters, half of them shirtless and intoxicated on one side of the brawl and asylum seekers, mainly from Afghanistan, were