Leadsom Dubbed ‘Maggie II’, Ahead In Polls, Gets Farage Backing

Britain is now certain to have a second female Prime Minister as Andrea Leadsom and Theresa May were announced as the final two candidates in the Tory leadership race yesterday. The result has cast obvious comparisons with the first, Margaret Thatcher, with both candidates being dubbed ‘Iron Ladies’ in waiting. But while Mrs. May is the establishment’s – and the Remainers’ – candidate of choice, Mrs. Leadsom appears to have the backing of the grassroots, going 11 points ahead of her rival in the latest poll. Mrs. May has been a strong front-runner in the MPs’ ballots all the way through the contest, winning 199 votes from her colleagues in the second round of voting last night. Mr. Gove was eliminated with just 46 votes, sending Mrs. Leadsom through as the second candidate with the support of 84 MPs. This morning’s papers uniformly covered the leadership race, with the majority commenting on the fact that both candidates are females, but the left-leaning tabloid the Daily Mirror chose to ‘demonise’ Mrs. Leadsom by casting her as a “Tory Extremist”, and “Maggie II”. Warning its readers to “Be afraid – very afraid,” the paper lamented: “Britain is to get its second female