Left Campaigns to Shut Down Migrant-Sceptic Newspapers

A new campaign is targeting advertisers in a bid to shut down newspapers that report crime committed by migrants, rather than covering it up. The Stop Funding Hate campaign is urging companies to pull advertising from the Sun, the Daily Mail and the Express, claiming that they use “fear and division to sell more papers”. The campaign’s founder, Richard Wilson, called the newspapers’ reporting of migrants “toxic”. Wilson, an NGO worker, believes Stop Funding Hate will be successful because the  public don’t want to be “inadvertently complicit” in “hate campaigns”, which he compared to the BNP. The group’s first campaign seeks to persuade Virgin Media to “take a stand against racism” by pulling advertising from the Sun. A petition to Virgin Media’s CEO by the campaign charges the Sun of “misleading reporting” and “playing off one group against another in pursuit of a divisive political agenda”. The plea contends that the Sun’s “demonisation of immigrants”  claims the Sun’s headlines led to “a wave of violence against immigrant families”. Recalling multi-millionaire, island-owning Richard Branson’s criticism of “anti-immigrant rhetoric”, when he accused politicians of “pandering to unfounded anxieties and exaggerated fears” the petition argues that pulling Sun advertising would make a “bold stand