Limbaugh: Rosenstein, Not Sessions ‘Ought to Be the Subject’ of Abuse If Trump Is Upset About Mueller

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh argued President Donald Trump’s ire was misappropriated at his Attorney General Jeff Sessions for the Department of Justice’s appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between Russia and the 2016 Trump presidential campaign. Limbaugh argued that instead Trump should be upset with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. Partial transcript as follows: Mueller is independent. There’s nobody can stop Mueller from doing anything because it’s the deputy attorney general, what’s-his-face. Sessions had nothing to do with it. He recused! This is about Russia, supposedly. This is about Trump and Putin playing cards one night and deciding to steal the election from Hillary. Well, Sessions recused himself. It’s Rod Rosenstein that chose Mueller and chose no parameters. I went through this last week. We have a special counsel who should not even be in office. You do not… The regulations — I read them to you, justice department regulations — say there has to be a crime. There has to be a known crime for a special counsel to investigate! There isn’t one here. They are looking for a crime — and they will find one, believe me. Because