Limbaugh: ‘True Story of Thanksgiving’ Is a Rejection of Socialism

Wednesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh continued his annual tradition of telling the “true story of Thanksgiving” that he had originally detailed in a passage of his 1992 book, “See, I Told You So.” According to Limbaugh, the story had been mischaracterized over the years and the true success story of the Pilgrims stems from their rejection of socialism to ultimately become a thriving settlement. Transcript as follows (courtesy of The Real Story of Thanksgiving is a tradition on this program.  I have to tell you, the holidays anymore, I am just overwhelmed with so many different emotions.  I have the… This is my favorite time of year, starting now and going through Christmas.  I just absolutely love it. It’s because of my childhood and memories of my childhood, and being in Sacramento and Pittsburgh, and then moving to New York in 1988, and my mother and father passing away.  It’s nostalgic to the hilt.  Nostalgia reminds you of the good times. But now it has become guilt laden because I can’t be everywhere.  I’ve got family all over the place, and they are all, “Are you coming here for Thanksgiving?”  “I’m gonna try.”  “Everybody hopes you