***LiveWire*** Trump, Clinton Square Off at Commander-in-Chief Forum

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will participate in NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief forum” tonight. Matt Lauer, who was a prominent member of the Clinton Global Initiative, will moderate the event. Trump, who has a commanding 19-point lead among military voters, won the coin toss and elected to go second. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern. — 7:30: Chelsea Clinton accuses Trump of making “misogynistic” remarks about her mom. 7:11: On MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell again cheerleads for Clinton, claiming that she has proven that she could answer the 3 AM phone call despite the Benghazi debacle. 7:05: Mainstream media pundits who spent a year lowering the bar for Trump are now complaining that Trump has a lower bar to jump over tonight than Clinton. 7:00: Some pre-game reading. Joel Pollak on the five things Lauer probably will not ask Clinton. 6:55: Even the nasty left-wing Esquire columnist Charles Pierce is worried that, “Politically, I think it is entirely possible that the event may be a net plus for Donald Trump.” 6:45: Trump (he has plenty of stamina to be at a campaign event before his first showdown with Clinton): Hillary not a “real” New Yorker: "Hillary, she's not a