Lou Dobbs: ‘Eager Tool of the Establishment’ Paul Ryan ‘an Embarrassment’ to the GOP

Monday on his Fox Business Network program, “Lou Dobbs Tonight” host Lou Dobbs took aim at House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for his reluctance to vigorously support presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and for touting his policy proposals ahead of getting behind Trump, who Dobbs said was chosen by voters of his party. Dobbs described Ryan as an “embarrassment” and an “eager tool of the establishment.” Transcript as follows: Well, a few thoughts now as we approach the Republican National Convention and that irritating noise that seems to grow louder as we head into next week. That noise, that noise is speaker Paul Ryan, I’m pretty sure squawking about his agenda. Yes, he has an agenda. It’s not that of the party. It is his own agenda. He is working hard to promote not the convention but himself. And now he has scheduled himself to deliver a speech at the convention. And I know, you are passionately interested in whether man who has been speaker from host nine months now has to say, a man who joined amnesty and open borders advocate Congressman Luis Gutierrez and the national campaign for the Chamber of Commerce, driving the solution to our