Lowe’s Debuts Bilingual Customer Service Robot

A new bilingual customer service robot at Lowe’s hardware store shows users where to find specific items in-store by rolling around and taking them there itself. LoweBot, which has been spotted around several San Francisco Bay Area stores, wanders through aisles and approaches people, asking whether it can be of any service, and uses a series of cameras and lasers to navigate the shop. “I’m Lowe’s Robot helper. I can tell you where things are in the store,” announces the robot as it approaches customers. “Can I help you find something?” The robot, which was originally unveiled earlier this year, can frequently find items for customers with ease– leading one person to the hammer aisle without any problems in a CBS demonstration video. Other requests, however, can be slightly more problematic. One customer asked the robot where he could find soda, prompting the machine to return a search for “drain cleaner.” The robot only understood the customer’s request after he asked specifically for Pepsi. “Beginning in the fall of 2016, Lowe’s is introducing LoweBot, a NAVii autonomous retail service robot by Fellow Robots, in eleven Lowe’s Stores throughout the San Francisco Bay area,” declared Lowe’s on their official innovation labs website. “After a successful