Mafia Taking Over As Italy Flooded with Migrants

As more migrants come to Italy the Italian Mafia is running migrant services because the government doesn’t have the capacity. A combination of factors has led to a rise influence for the Italian Mafia. Every day ships set sail from the North African coast in Libya and elsewhere for Italy and the government can no longer cope with the numbers. The situation on the border with Austria has not helped matters either and many fear that Italy is quickly turning into a failed state, Die Welt reports. The closure of the Brenner Pass by Austria, combined with new laws that would allow Austria to turn away migrants at the border has angered Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi who has condemned Austria’s actions and continues to do so on an almost daily basis saying Wednesday, “The proposal of closing the Brenner Pass is shamelessly against European regulations, as well as against history, against logic and against the future.” The Italian media have dubbed the tensions between Italy and Austria a migrant “cold war”  and try to evoke images of the Berlin wall comparing the Austrians to the East German regime. The Italians now have a new fear, they are afraid that their country will follow