Maher: ‘Alarmism Is Called For’ on Climate Change, ‘War on Coal’ Is Good, Fracking and Nuclear Power Are Bad

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher declared that on the environment, “Alarmism is called for. Extremism in the defense of the planet is no vice” and praised President Obama for winning “the war on coal” while criticizing fracking and nuclear energy on Friday. During a discussion on climate change, National Review writer Charles Cooke stated that the best way to move forward on the environment without putting people back into poverty is by embracing fracking, and embracing nuclear energy. Maher responded, “Why, when we have the sun?” Cooke answered that the technology doesn’t exist to utilize solar energy in such a large capacity. Maher stated that it could exist, if we wanted it to. He added that there are no terrorists on the sun. After CNN Commentator Van Jones criticized the tendency of some on the right to use cold weather as proof global warming doesn’t exist, or to say that there is climate change, but climate always changes, Cooke responded that there is also a tendency on the left to blame every bad weather event on climate change, which he said is “alarmism” that doesn’t help. Maher countered, “Alarmism is called for. Extremism in the defense of the planet