Majority Of French Public Backs Burkini Ban, Poll Finds

Nearly two out of three people in France oppose the burkini while just over one person in 20 approves of the controversial garment according to a new poll. Overall, 64 per cent of people in France disapprove of the full body swimsuit while just 6 per cent voiced their support for it according to the poll for Le Figaro. While 30 per cent of respondents to the Ifop survey said they are “indifferent” to the Islamic swimwear, opposition to the garment crosses party lines. Among different age groups, however, views on the burkini strongly differ — younger cohorts are much more likely to favour the Muslim swimwear. Opposition to the burkini was highest among supporters of the centre-right Republicans party and the populist Front National. Seventy-six per cent of respondents backing Nicholas Sarkozy’s party said they disapprove of the garment. The figure was 86 per cent among Front National supporters. Left wingers in France are more divided in their opinion of the “halal” swimwear, but a majority disapprove. Of respondents backing the hard left Left Front party, 62 per cent said they were against the burkini. Socialist Party supporters were less opposed to the garment than people who back the