Marine Le Pen in Euro Parliament: ‘UK Sent A Signal Of Freedom Out To The Entire World’

Le Pen
Marine Le Pen has congratulated Britain, saying that the nation sent out a “signal of liberty and freedom to the rest of the world”, and that “there will be a glowing future for the United Kingdom”. At the European Parliament, leader of the Front National and French presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen gave enthusiastic felicitations to the UK for the the nation’s vote to leave the European Union (EU). Berating the “propagandists for the EU on the left and the right” for their “sulky faces and angry looks”, Ms. Le Pen said: “Look at how beautiful history is when liberty succeeds through the will of the people! This is perhaps the most historic event to occur on the continent since the fall of the Berlin Wall. “It is a signal of liberty and freedom sent out to the entire world.  It’s the cry of love, of a people, for their country.  The British have chosen a route which it thought was closed for all time and you [the members of the EU] where some of those who believed it was closed.  Those who said it’s all irreversible.  That the European Union is irreversible.” Following, Ms. Le Pen pointed to the EU being “built on