Mark Levin Discusses The Declaration of Independence and His Early Inspiration

Liberty and Tyranny Cover and Declaration of Independence
Popular radio and television star and leading conservative voice Mark Levin talked with Breitbart News Saturday SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon about the Declaration of Independence and also what most inspired him as a young boy that might also inspire children today when it comes to liberty and America. Levin said: Because I lived outside Philadelphia, when I was thirteen, fourteen years old, I used to take the train into Philadelphia, walk about a mile, or two to Independence Hall and I would stand there for hours. I would stare at the Pennsylvania Assembly room, I would even look at the spittoon. I’d say, wow, these men were here. I would walk on the cobble paths where they would walk. I would look at the chair that Washington and others sat in. You know, Hancock, as the President of the Second Continental Congress. I would ask, where did Benjamin Franklin sit? I got to the point where I knew more than the park rangers but I kept my mouth shut. I let them do their thing. Then I’d go right across the hall where the first Supreme Court met after the Constitution had been adopted and ratified. Then I’d go