Maxine Waters: Trump Has Been ‘Consistently Unpatriotic’

Monday on MSNBC, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s recent criticism of the election system is “consistently unpatriotic.” Monday Waters said, “Yes. I’m awfully concerned about this talk about this campaign being rigged. As a matter of fact, Donald Trump is trying to set up the scenario where when he loses, he’s going to be able to say that it was taken from him. That the campaign had been rigged. And you know, it’s so unpatriotic for him to do this. for African-Americans who have fought so hard to strengthen our democracy by making sure that there’s a strong voter system. We have succeeded in opening up opportunities and we continue to work hard to make sure that everyone has access to the polls and then to have Donald Trump come behind us and around us and say that somehow, this system is no good is absolutely unpatriotic.” “But he’s been consistently unpatriotic,” he continued. “He doesn’t  think our generals know what they’re talking about. He thinks our army is in tatters. He thinks this country is no good. We don’t know how to trade. Who is this man? And where did he come from? For