Migrant Deaths at Sea Hits Record High of 2,900

Migrant deaths
A record number of migrants have died crossing the Mediterranean this year, new figures have revealed, prompting aid agencies to call on Europe to do even more to help those making the crossing. 2,899 migrants died in attempts to cross the Mediterranean between January and June of this year, the International Organisation for Migration has reported. The figure represents a 50 percent increase on the 1,838 deaths recorded for the same period last year, setting 2016 on track for becoming a record-breaking year in terms of migrant deaths. According to the UN’s refugee agency, the UNHCR, whose figures correlate closely with those of the IOM, a total of 3,771 people drowned in the Mediterranean trying to reach Europe last year. But despite the grisly total, aid agency workers believe the flow of people from the Middle East and Africa into Europe will not stop, leading to demands that Europe devote even more resources to helping those wishing to move northwards. “Migrants continue making the perilous journey at great risk, travelling under precarious conditions and on ill-equipped boats, leaving them highly vulnerable to both the arduous travel and to the exploitation of organized criminal networks along the way,” said IOM Libya