Migrant Party Calls For 1,000-Strong ‘Racism Police’, Dissenters to be Put on Register

A plan to eliminate racism unveiled last week by the Netherlands’ Denk (Think) party contains proposals such as creating a 1,000-man strong “Racism Police” and renaming of streets and museums associated with Holland’s colonial and slave-trading history. The document, released by Think last week, claims the Netherlands is blighted by ‘institutional racism’ and outlines a radical program to combat this. Qualifying as an official political party last year, Think is the first political force established by migrants for migrants in Europe. The paper advocates the creation of a 1,000-agent “Racism Police”, as Think believe too few people are presently being prosecuted for racism and discrimination. Penalties for these crimes would also see a massive hike under the party. Also set out in the document are Think’s plans for a “Racism Register”, which would catalogue Dutch people deemed disrespectful to migrants. “Convicted racists” would be barred from government and public sector jobs. Other proposals outlined include a ban on the terms “native” and “immigrant” and the creation of a national holiday which would celebrate “diversity” in the Netherlands. Asserting that it is unreasonable to expect migrants to integrate, the paper states that fostering “mutual acceptance” between newcomers and citizens should be the