Migrant Shelter ‘To Issue Panic Alarms’ After Murder Of Worker

Somalian Asylum Killer
Five months after a young Swedish woman working in a shelter for migrant children was killed by a fake child migrant, the company running the homes is finally rolling out their response – by ensuring that all staff have access to a panic alarm. Twenty-two year old Alexandra Mezher was brutally stabbed to death in January by Somalian migrant Khaliif Nuur, who had been given refuge at the shelter in Mölndal for children by posing as a 15-year-old. He was later discovered to be at least 18 years old, and possibly in his 20s. Ms. Mezher was working alone at the time of the attack despite rules being in place recommending staff work in pairs at all times. She was just half an hour from the end of a night shift when the attack came. Staff are said to have urged management repeatedly to ensure that they weren’t asked to work alone as they feared for their safety. Now five months on from the attack, the home’s management company, HVB, has announced that staffing levels will be increased to ensure that two staff are present on night shifts – although only one of them will be required to be awake throughout the