Migrants Drifting Back To Calais In Bid To Reach UK

Hundreds of migrants and refugees are trickling back across France to reform camps around Calais, in a renewed bid to make it to the UK. Six informal camps, each housing hundreds of migrants with dozens more arriving each week, have sprung up around the northern French port, just two months after the French authorities bulldozed the Jungle camp. The thousands of immigrants who had been living in the shanty town were dispersed across the country to regional reception centres in an operation which the authorities deemed a “success”. But, disappointed with conditions in the centres and determined to gain entry to the UK, many are making the journey back to Calais to renew their efforts to stow away across the channel. Julien Muller, volunteer for a small French charity called Terre d’Errance which supplies aid at the Norrent-Fontes camp, told the Independent: “There are more and more people coming back. This week there has been several dozen people arrive. I suppose it will grow more in the coming months. “With the UK Government closing down its transfers of underage refugees to the UK, there have been a lot of minors coming back. “There are people who are clearly underage and