Migrants in Greece Light Tents on Fire, Threaten Children

Migrants in the Greek migrant camp on the island of Chios have burned down their tents, and some have threatened to kill children in protest of asylum waiting times. Police have arrested several migrants who started a riot in the migrant camp on the Greek island of Chios. The camp, which houses more than 1,500 migrants who have travelled from Turkey into Greece, saw at least 40 people participate in the rioting. The rioters proceeded to burn down their own tents, trash various areas of the camp and one man threatened to kill both his wife and their child, Die Welt reports. Authorities say that it took several hours to calm the rioters and bring order back to the camp. They stated that the man who threatened to kill his wife and child only did so after the police started to try and regain control of the situation. So far only four of the migrant rioters were detained by the police, all of whom were released only a short time after their arrest. The Chios camp has become notorious for the prevalence of rioting and violence that has taken place over the past few months since the implementation of the European