Milwaukee Riots, Day 2 (PHOTOS)

Scenes from the city of Milwaukee on August 14, 2016 — where the death of Sylville Smith in a police-involved shooting has sparked riots. On Sunday night, reporters on the ground described heated protests, with guns fired and one man wounded. Photographers from news wire services captured clashes between protesters and police — but did not post photos of protesters hurling bricks. They also did not document any looting or arson committed throughout the night. Shots fired as #Milwaukee protests intensify — Ruptly (@Ruptly) August 15, 2016 VIDEO: Protesters chanting "America was never great" in #MilwaukeeUprising — Tim Pool (@Timcast) August 15, 2016 LIVE on #Periscope: Protesters throwing objects at riot police in #MilwaukeeUnrest — Tim Pool (@Timcast) August 15, 2016 Tonight in #Milwaukee. Active gunfire, person shot, heavy barrages of bricks thrown at police. Watch the archive — Tim Pool (@Timcast) August 15, 2016 An officer injured in the #Milwaukee confrontation w demonstrators gets assistance @greta @foxnews — Griff Jenkins (@GriffJenkins) August 15, 2016 Local news reporters again found themselves under attack. Small group of people threw rocks at our news car as we drove on Sherman. We left the area immediately and