Morning Consult Poll Shows Hillary Clinton Barely Ahead of Donald Trump 39 to 36 in Four-Way Race

Trump Slightly Behind Hillary
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton’s lead over GOP nominee Donald J. Trump stands at three points, with the former first lady at 39 percent to the New York City billionaire’s 36 percent in a four-way contest that includes the Libertarian and Green Party candidates, according to the Morning Consult poll released Sunday. “Obviously, there’s a lot of time left before Election Day on Nov. 8, but as the data shows, many Americans have already made up their minds, and Trump has a lot more work to do than Clinton to sway voters,” wrote Cameron Easley, the Morning Consult managing editor and Eli Yokley, the polling and political news website’s campaign reporter. The poll had Libertarian Gary Johnson at eight percent and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein at four percent, in the survey that was conducted with 2,001 voter in two batches, Aug. 16-17 and Aug. 18-20. Morning Consult says that the poll carries a margin of error of two percentage points, but that seems low considering that each sample population carries its own margin of error and combining sample populations compounds margins of errors. In the poll conducted June 30 through July 4, Morning Consult found Clinton at 38 percent, Trump