Most Teens Afraid Of Young Arabs

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A German teen claims that most youths are afraid of Arabs, and in an interview with Die Welt discusses why German men have given up defending themselves, opting to wait for police instead. Eighteen-year-old Miguel has no problem defending himself on the streets of Berlin, but in today’s Germany that makes him an exception.  In an interview in Die Welt Miguel states that young German men have given up on defending themselves, and are especially afraid of Arabs who often carry weapons and move in large gangs. Miguel’s comments were made in reaction to  research conducted by Jörg Baberowski, an academic specialising in violence research. Mr. Baberowski claims that young German men have simply “forgotten” how to fight and defend themselves. Following the Cologne New Year’s Eve mass sex attacks, where it was observed that German men did not come to the aid of the women being molested, Mr. Baberowski explained the lack of reaction as Germans giving up on defending themselves, opting for the state to take care of their security instead. Coming from a partial migrant background himself, Miguel, whose father comes from Latin America, explains that he and many German men follow a code of honour regarding physical confrontation. “If my opponent says ‘I give up, I’m sorry about