MSNBC Panel: When People Can’t Express Their Opinions Without Being Called Bigots, They Find an Outlet

On Wednesday’s “MSNBC Live,” anchor Stephanie Ruhle, New York Times columnist Frank Bruni, and journalist Tina Brown discussed the 2016 election and political correctness, and during that discussion, Ruhle wondered if political correctness has prevented people from saying things that are important, and Bruni and Brown concluded that when people feel they’ll be attacked for speaking their minds, they find an outlet like President-Elect Donald Trump. Ruhle asked, “Did we over-simplify things? Did we believe that Hillary Clinton and this all-inclusive global citizen message does represent the United States, and thought that this base that Donald Trump had really was just in this narrow nationalist vertical? When many of the initiatives that represent Obama…many people could say transgender bathrooms in high schools, how many people is that going to impact in this country? Not so many.” Bruni stated that the Democratic Party has become a “collection of boutique issues,” and that doing so leads a lot of the country to feel ignored. He added that the Democratic Party has to “do some big soul-searching here.” Bruni also said, “She was not a candidate that fit this moment at all. They were trying to sell a product at the wrong time, and they