‘Mujahid’ Remain Campaigner Calls For Breitbart Editor Kassam To Be ‘Attacked’

In the spirit of kindler, gentler politics, Breitbart Editor in Chief was yesterday threatened on social media by a Remain campaigner who called for Kassam to be ‘attacked’. The Twitter user, known as ‘Mujahid’ interjected on a Twitter thread, directly calling for a physical attack to be made at Kassam, stating: “Let’s attack this b*st*rd Raheem.” The user’s profile shows that he retweets from the official Stronger In profile, as well as a number of ‘social justice’ groups, including Stand Up To Racism and Black Lives Matter, and posts extensively against Israel and UKIP. This comes after prominent Remain campaigners have come out telling Leave to ‘tone down the rhetoric’. London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on Sky News the EU referendum has become “poisonous” and “we should all reflect on the way the referendum campaign has been conducted”. Using the death of Labour MP Jo Cox as political capital days before the referendum, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Remain campaigner George Osborne told Leave campaigners on ITV this morning: “I hope because of the tragic death of Jo [Cox] we can have a less divisive political debate in our country.” “And, particularly in the last few days of this referendum, we can