Nehlen on ‘Angel Moms’ Ad: Speaker Ryan Left Them ‘in the Dust’

House Speaker Paul Ryan’s challenger for his seat in the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Nehlen said Thursday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” that the “Angel Moms” tried to present Ryan with a letter outside of his mansion only to for him to be whisked away, leaving them in the dust. Before the interview, Nehlen’s ad featuring American mothers who have lost their children as a result of illegal alien crime aired. Partial transcript as follows: “Those ‘Angel Moms’ tried to contact Paul Ryan before. Those ‘Angel Moms’ are American mothers who came from around the country. They tried to contact Speaker Ryan before they came up there, but he wouldn’t listen to them so they came up and they spoke outside of Paul Ryan’s personal border wall around his mansion. And then they tried to present him with a letter, and in that letter it said, ‘Speaker Ryan, if you cared as much about our families as you care about your donors, our kids might still be alive.’” “You know, Speaker Ryan was leaving his house at that time. He hopped into his SUV and he was whisked away to a picnic and left those women in the dust. So, I would