New UKIP Leader Diane James On Sunday Politics: ‘Make This Country Great Again’

Newly elected UKIP leader Diane James told the BBC’s Sunday Politics that her priorities for the party included making “this country great again” and boosting national defence. The clear reference to the viral campaign slogan of Donald Trump’s campaign to take the United States presidency — ‘Make America Great Again’ — has been adopted by a number of other political movements worldwide and adjusted for local use. Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Neil today, Mrs. James laid out what she thought of as the direction for UKIP, as she attempted to set out her ambition to make it the main opposition in UK politics. Speaking this morning, Mrs. James said: “My vision… is global, is positive, is outward looking, is enterprise building, and is going to make this country great again”. Mrs. James told the BBC interviewer that her political idols were Vladimir Putin, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill. Mr. Neil challenged the new leader, remarking that now Britain had voted for Brexit UKIP was a party without purpose. Explaining that UKIP still had to stand for Brexit actually taking place and listing the divisions and weaknesses in Britain’s other political parties for UKIP to exploit, she said: “We are