Newsweek Drops Cuba Hit Piece on Heels of Trump Outreach to Florida’s Cuban-Americans

Perhaps the timing was coincidence, but probably not. Late Wednesday, Newsweek dropped a 2,000-word article alleging Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s company through the services of Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corp., a consulting firm, attempted in 1998 to line up business on the Caribbean communist island of Cuba, which at the time would have been illegal. Part of Seven Arrows’ effort included a trip to Cuba and according to Newsweek, Trump’s company attempted to hide $68,000 paid to the consulting firm for its efforts to make it appear the trip to Cuba was linked to a charity. The story by Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald comes a day after Trump visited South Florida and courted the Cuban-American vote, first at an event in the Little Havana community in Miami and then later that evening in Melbourne, FL. “I will be a voice for freedom that includes freedom for people in Cuba. Cuba is not — it’s not right what’s going on. It’s not right,” Trump said at the rally. “This afternoon I spent a lot of time in Little Havana, an amazing place,” he added. “President Obama made a one-sided deal with the Castros for nothing in return. Did you ever