NFL Players Jealous of NBA’s Booming ‘Middle Class’ as Teams Spend Over $1.4 Billion on First Day of Free Agency

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As NBA teams spent nearly $1.4 billion on mostly middle-of-the-road players on the first day of free agency on Friday, NFL players Tweeted out their jealousy and amazement. Running back DeAngelo Williams, like many, Tweeted that he had to Google the names of NBA players signing mega-deals. Call me a hater but these NBA deals are insane I have to google the players getting paid #nonamechecks #productiondoesntcount — DeAngelo Williams (@DeAngeloRB) July 1, 2016 Memphis guard Mike Conley (five years, $153 million) who has not made an All Star appearance, received the richest contract in NBA history to date and will make more than the NFL’s highest paid player, Andrew Luck, who just signed a six-year deal worth $140 million. But what astonished NFL players and sports fans was the tens of millions NBA teams were throwing at role players and backups like Matthew Dellavedova and Mirza Teletovic. These players were being paid like some of the greatest superstars in other sports. A look at the contracts below shows that the NBA’s so-called Middle Class is indeed thriving while the salaries of veteran and rookie superstars are capped. As CBS Sports pointed out, restrictions on “maximum” salaries and rookie contracts, the booming