Nigel Farage: Here’s What My Vision Of Brexit Britain REALLY Looks Like

It has been reported that in the last days of the referendum campaign, Remain supporters will increasingly ask voters whether they want to live in ‘Nigel’s Britain’. In their minds Nigel Farage wants an isolationist, anti-immigrant and backward looking country. Today, Mr. Farage has set out his own vision in the Daily Telegraph, an optimistic one which contradicts the caricature his “hopelessly pessimistic” political opponents spread. The principle of self-government is more important to me than anything else. So many fought and died to preserve our democracy. It is precious. Yet our birthright has been handed away by the political establishment. Central to my vision of Britain after June 23 is that our Parliament is sovereign, empowered and able to make all of the big decisions, rather than leaving it to those unelected old men in Brussels. By leaving the EU, we would once again be a proper democracy. We would once again have the ability to govern our own country. For example, when it comes to migration policy, it would be up to our elected MPs to debate and decide just what level of migration our country needs. My vision for our post-Brexit migration system is really quite simple: an Australian-style system that