Nigel Farage: The Greatest British Politician Since Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher
Nigel Farage – who has announced his (presumably temporary) retirement from politics –  is without question the most important, influential and courageous British politician since Margaret Thatcher. And just like Margaret Thatcher his reward for this has been consistently to be reviled by the Wankerati as the most evil figure in European politics since probably the days of Adolf Hitler. I call them the Wankerati because that is what they are: the smug, impeccably right-on, hive-minded cabal of left-leaning comedians, luvvies, columnists, greasy-pole-climbers and overpromoted elite grandees who claim to set the tone for politics in Britain. (And indeed across the world, for the UK Wankerati, of course, have very powerful associate branches from Hollywood to DC, from Sydney to Toronto, and beyond). Here is one of them – the angelic choral singer Charlotte Church: I want my fucking European Union back you piece of shit!!!!!! — Charlotte Church (@charlottechurch) July 4, 2016 There are many, many politicians one could very easily name who have done far, far more harm to their country and its people than Nigel Farage. Tony Blair, for one. David Cameron for another. But none of them is ever spoken of in quite such aggressively dismissive,