Nigel Farage Warns Of Cologne-Style Migrant Rape If Britain Votes To Stay

Migrant Rape
From the Sunday Telegraph: Women could be at risk of mass sex attacks carried out by gangs of migrant men if Britain stays in the EU, Nigel Farage has warned. The UK Independence Party leader said he fears “big cultural issues” will result from the failure to control migration from Europe and North Africa, putting the safety of women in danger. Speaking to The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Farage issued his most savage attack so far on David Cameron’s personal integrity, describing him as “Dishonest Dave” and accusing him of lying to win votes and keep Britain in the EU. His comments come as he prepares for a crucial televised referendum clash with the Prime Minister live on ITV on Tuesday night. With two-and-a-half weeks left before the referendum on June 23, Mr Farage believes that focusing on the risks of mass migration will deliver victory for his Out campaign. The Ukip leader provoked an outcry during last year’s TV general election debates by claiming foreign HIV patients were costing the NHS £25,000 each per year. The shock comment provoked a furore and dominated the headlines. “The nuclear bomb this time would be about Cologne,” he told the Telegraph. Women may