Now You Can Change Gender on Your Passport Without Medical Evidence

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Transgender people will no longer be required to produce medical evidence in order to change their gender on their passport, the government has announced. As part of a move towards allowing transgender people to ‘self-declare’ their chosen gender, Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) has announced that they will no longer require a doctor’s letter as part of a package of evidence required in order to change the stated gender on a person’s passport. Instead, in line with a change of name, people will only have to produce documents showing their gender of choice. The change came in response to transgender activists who argued that having to produce a doctors’ letter was offensive, as it made people feel as though they were being treated as though they had a mental illness. A spokesman for HMPO said: “At present, a person is required to produce a doctor’s letter before they can change the gender which is shown in their passport. HMPO will extend the range of supporting documentation that can be used by an applicant to demonstrate use of their gender of choice in their daily life,” the Daily Mail has reported. The spokesman continued: “This will mirror the approach adopted for