NRA Chief: Gun Control Meant to Divert Attention From Obama’s Terrorism Failure

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” National Rifle Association Vice President and CEO Wayne LaPierre said Democrats are attempting to introduce new gun control legislation to “divert your attention,” away from “embarrassment of their failure in this terrorist area.” Partial transcript as follows: DICKERSON: Let me start with where we where were Donald Trump on this question of, anybody who wants to purchase a gun who happens to be on one of these federal lists.  Is there any space between you and Donald Trump? And what worries you about legislation on that? LAPIERRE: Let me set it in context in terms of what I think we’re facing this past week.  We all mourn for what happened, John. But we face a terrorist challenge where there on the verge of overwhelming us. What happened this past week is, the president, the whole gun ban movement said, hey, don’t look at terrorists. Look over here. Divert your attention. Take your eyes off the problem, because they don’t want to face the embarrassment of their failure in this terrorist area, and they want to cover their butts and not talk about it.  You can’t save the country with politics. The politically correct policies