Nudists Protest Proposed Neighbouring Migrant Home

Nudists in Dresden are protesting the proposal for a migrant home to be built near their nudist colony over safety fears. A new migrant home is scheduled to be built in the town of Mortizburg outside of the eastern German city of Dresden. Neighbours of the proposed home, which is to cost €1.5 million, are up in arms over safety concerns because the town is home to a nudist camp. The nudists have started a protest against the migrant home despite guarantees by the district office of Meissen who said there are plans to mitigate “cultural tensions”, Junge Freiheit reports. Petra Hoffmann, who is the treasurer of the nudist group “Familiensport- und FKK-Bund Waldteichfreunde Moritzburg”, claims that many of the members of the group have legitimate fears over their own personal safety due to the high number of reports of migrant sexual assaults across Germany. One member of the naturist group expressed their fears, saying: “If there is going to be a camp for young men, as they say, I will not stay in my caravan alone at night.” According to Ms. Hoffmann, the group has been in the area for over a century and thus should have a say on the proposed centre as