Obama: Candidates Today Using Same 1800’s Anti-Immigration Demagoguery

Wednesday in Ottawa at the North American Leaders’ Summit with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Pena Nieto, President Barack Obama attacked what he deemed  “anti-immigration” demagoguery. Obama said, “I think I’ve made it clear, set aside whatever the candidates are saying, that America is a nation of immigrants. That’s our strength. Unless you are one of the first Americans, unless you are a native American, somebody, somewhere in your past showed up from someplace else. And they didn’t always have papers. And the genius of America has been to define ourselves not by what we look like or what our last name is or what faith we practice, but our adherence to a common creed. A belief that all people are created equal. A belief in free speech and freedom of assembly and democracy and pluralism and tolerance and rule of law. And we have observed those ideals imperfectly at times — but in each successive generation, we’ve got a little bit better at it. We’ve come closer to our ideals. And the notion that somehow we’d stop now on what has been a tradition of attracting talent and strivers and dreamers from all over the world,