Obama: I’m Optimistic Americans Will Say No to Trump

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” when asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, President Barack Obama said he expected that Americans will say “no” to Trump’s policy measures. Obama said, “There’s a long tradition in the United States of inclusion, immigration, diversity, but also people once they’re included in what they consider to be the real America, worried about outsiders, contaminating, polluting, messing up a good thing. That’s not new. That dates back to the beginning of this country. What I’m always reminding people is that although you’ll see bumps, whether it’s the No-nothings, or, you know, other anti-immigrant sentiment directed at the Irish or Southern Europeans as opposed to Northern Europeans or the Chinese, or today Latinos or Muslims, the long-term trend is people get absorbed, people get assimilated. We benefit from this incredible country in which the measure of your patriotism and how American you are is not the color of your skin, your last name, your faith, but rather your adherence to a creed, your belief in certain principles and values.” “I don’t expect that’s going to change because Mr. Trump’s got a little more attention than usual,” he continued. “I think if you look at the current