Official Remain Campaign Tells Supporters: Use Jo Cox Death to Attack Brexit

Jo Cox
The official remain campaign, Britain Stronger In Europe, has seized upon the death of MP Jo Cox to promote its cause just days before the British electorate head to the ballot box to decide on Britain’s membership of the European Union (EU). The campaign’s director Will Straw, son of the prominent Labour MP Jack Straw, has sent Remain supporters an email exhorting them to use Mrs. Cox’s death to attack the opposing Leave campaign by equating them with the politics of hate. “Jo Cox was a friend of mine – and a passionate voice in our campaign to remain in Europe,” the email reads. “Her death was an unimaginable tragedy – but we won’t let her voice be silenced.” He includes the text of the last article Cox wrote before her death which argued that leaving the EU would not help to control immigration levels, while remaining in would allow the UK to use EU funding to mitigate the pressures of high migration on social services. Written for PoliticsHome, it has since been republished in a number of papers and on the Britain Stronger In website. Straw encourages Remain supporters to share the article with their undecided friends, providing a