Once More Unto The Breach: Farage Returns To Thanet To Drum Up Support For ‘Leave’

SOUTH THANET, United Kingdom – The theme from the Great Escape started to boom from the speakers of the open-top, UKIP Battle Bus as it turned the corner onto Ramsgate Harbour. It was all too familiar a sight, for me at least, to see UK Independence Party leader make his way along the Port of Ramsgate, chatting to locals, asking them for their vote in the upcoming election referendum. I was with Mr. Farage, albeit on the other side of the camera when he challenged the establishment in the South Thanet seat in 2015. We lost, as you’re probably aware, though we had a massive 27 per cent swing in our favour. Now it is becoming increasingly clear that the Conservative Party may have cheated with their spending last year, and it’s the talk of the town. That and the referendum. So once more unto the breach for Nigel as he toured the town centre: “Bringing back memories is it, Raheem?” he said. And it indeed it did. But it was also an interesting journalistic endeavour to have been on one side, and watch them from the outside now. “Raheem, where do we go?” they asked, unsure of the lay