Over 800 Attacks on Members of Germany’s Anti Mass Migration Party

More than 800 attacks, including vandalism and death threats, have been reported by the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party — and the attackers may be receiving state funding. AfD state chairman Armin-Paul Hampel has revealed that over the last year the party has had to report over 800 cases of attacks ranging from physical assaults, vandalism, to party members’ cars being the target of arson, Die Welt reports. The anti-mass migration AfD are no strangers to criticism and opposition from the media, the political establishment and left-wing extremists. At the party’s conference in Stuttgart earlier this year hundreds of left extremists fought with police and blocked party members from attending the event leading to hundreds of arrests. While there are no official statistics from the German Federal Police, Mr. Hampel said that the party keeps its own records and has created a database to keep track of the attacks. The data covers everything from death threats, arson attacks, and property damage to members’ homes and party offices. The party, who are not considered extremist and thus do not warrant government surveillance, find the figures alarming. After a data leak by left extremists, many of the phone numbers and personal addresses of AfD members