Paris Attacker Greeted with Cheers in French Prison

Inmates of a French prison cheered for Paris Attacker Salah Abdeslam when he entered the facility. Salah Abdeslam was one of the key terrorists involved in the attacks in November that saw the mass killings of 130 innocent people at the Bataclan nightclub and several other locations. Abdeslam was brought into a French prison on Thursday morning, with reports that the terrorist was whistled at by other Salafist inmates. However, some inmates jeered him for not blowning himself up as many of the other Paris attackers had 7sur7 reports. The prison, located south of Paris, houses many radical Islamists whose crimes range from petty theft to outright support of terrorist groups like the Islamic State who have taken responsibility for Abdeslam’s actions in Paris. The reception for the terrorist was initially played down as a few Salafists whistling but was revealed later to be much more than that. It is said that the so-called “beast of the Bataclan” was warmly welcomed by a large portion of the inmates of the Fleury-Merogis prison. One reporter said: “Numerous detainees have gone to their windows to express their feelings loudly as they do when a fellow inmate escapes,” though not everyone in the prison