People Smugglers Find New Route Into Britain

From Sky News: Migrants are avoiding tough new security measures in Calais by choosing quiet beaches in France to launch attempts to cross the Channel, Sky News has been told. Local people say there is something strange happening on a stretch of coastline south of Calais. From beach houses on the shore and fishing boats at sea, people have watched migrants dragging dinghies, then putting out to sea – and mysterious boats taking on passengers in the dead of night. Desperate acts by desperate people who seem determined to get to the UK. It has come as no surprise to the man who runs the volunteer coastguard in northern France. Bernard Barron said: “Migrants have to be as discreet as possible, so they choose beaches that are as close as possible to England but far enough from the ferries so they can’t be spotted. “This area is favoured by migrants and the smugglers – English ones and other nationalities – who come to pick them up.” Until recently, migrants flocked to Calais to find a place to stow-away. Some broke the locks on the back of trucks and scrambled inside – others clung to roofs and undercarriages of moving vehicles.