PICTURES: Celebrities Ask Home Office To Let In 400 Migrant Children

A group of faith leaders, council chiefs and celebrities, including actresses Juliet Stevenson and Vanessa Redgrave, gathered outside the Home Office this morning to mark the anniversary of the death of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old Syrian boy whose body was washed up on a beach in Turkey. The photograph of Kurdi’s lifeless body became a symbol of the migrant crisis last year and led to an outpouring of sympathy across Europe and the world. Now on the anniversary of Kurdi’s death, a campaign group has called on the UK to let in some 400 children living in the Calais ‘jungle’ camp. Citizens UK said they had identified individual children who they want admitted to Britain, and handed a list of their names to the Home Office today. Juliet Stevenson, who was one of those gathered outside the Home Office, told the Victoria Derbyshire show: “We brought 10,000 Jewish refugee children over in the war you know, and we are rightly proud of that tradition. “These are war victims too and we really need to be able to offer humanitarian help to them as long as these crises last and then hopefully they’ll be able to go home again.” The Home