PICTURES: Europhile Londoners Hold Anti-Brexit Picnic To ‘Heal’ And ‘Comfort’ Each Other

Liam Deacon/Breitbart London
A “rainbow coalition” of progressives held an anti-Brexit picnic in London today, to “comfort” and “heal” each other, as well as “meet like minds” with whom that can “come up with solutions and proposals”. “Let’s picnic together for the country we want — and share our feelings and ideas about where we’re at and what we should do next… Brexit threatens everything we hold dear,” read adverts for the event. The mournful tone of the dejected Europhiles was indeed brightened by the sight of Marks and Spencer meal deals and Pimms. However, these people are “the polite, modern face of totalitarianism” gathering to “crush democracy”, a counter-demonstrator told me. A pro-Brexit, “Counter-Picnic For Democracy” turned up and boldly positioned itself in the middle of the gathering. Things, however, largely remained calm and amicable, despite the “divided nation” and “hate crime epidemic” we’ve heard so much about in the mainstream media. The event was initially called, “MoreInCommon: Picnic against Brexit”, but was later changed to “Picnic to discuss Brexit”. “More In Common” were the words of the late Jo Cox MP, whose death many at the event blamed on the “right wing media” and “rhetoric” of the Leave campaign. “Three cheers