PM Candidates Vow To Make EU Immigration Harder After Brexit

eu immigration
LONDON (Reuters) – Both candidates seeking to become Britain’s next prime minister vowed in interviews published on Friday to impose tougher rules on EU citizens newly arriving in Britain, as they face a ballot of party members to choose David Cameron’s successor. Just over two weeks since concerns over immigration pushed many Britons to back Brexit in a referendum, Home Secretary Theresa May and energy minister Andrea Leadsom both promised to restrict free movement of citizens from the EU. “People going on holiday or travelling on business or to collaborate on science will be able to do that but the right to reside and the right to work here will be under work permits,” Andrea Leadsom told The Times newspaper. She also appeared to suggest that any EU citizen arriving after Sept. 9, the date a new leader will be chosen, might not have their ability to remain in Britain protected under EU rules: “Under free movement you don’t have to guarantee free movement for ever.” Theresa May, who gained more support from Conservative MPs in a vote on Thursday, said she would change freedom of movement rules. “If I am prime minister, we will come out of the European