Podesta: More Border Security for Permanent DACA ‘Good’ – Trump ‘Should Push Forward With It’

On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” former Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta argued President Trump should “push forward” with the deal he reportedly struck with Congressional Democratic leaders and more border security in exchange for making DACA permanent would be good for the country. Podesta said, “I think we got to get out of the politics of this a little bit and remember what’s at stake here, 800,000 young people, as President Trump himself tweeted this morning. good kids, hard-working, in school, in jobs, in the military. And I think that, last night he met with the two leaders. They struck a deal. And he should push forward with it. More border security in exchange for making DACA permanent, and that will be good for those young people. It will be good for the country. And I think a majority of the public would support that.” Podesta added, “He’s gone a little bit back and forth on it through the course of the day, but he seemed to settle in the evening again, on the idea that these young people need relief. And he’s promised to give to it them. And I think that, if that means, you know,