Police Arrest Gang of Migrants After Homeless Man Set Alight on Christmas Day

Berlin U Bahn
Berlin police released security camera pictures as part of their hunt for a gang of young migrants who they believe attempted to murder a homeless man in Christmas day by setting him alight. Officers have now arrested seven men between the ages of 15 and 21-years-old including six Syrians and one Libyan after their faces were identified from security camera footage at Berlin’s Schonleinstrasse subway station. The attack took place in the early hours of Christmas day, reports Germany’s best-selling broadsheet Welt, when the gang came across a homeless man sleeping on a station platform bench. Setting fire to the sleeping man’s clothing, he was only saved from serious injury by the intervention of a passer-by and subway train driver, who brought a fire extinguisher from the cab of his train. Berlin police are to charge the men with attempted murder. The city force released the images on Monday afternoon, and by Tuesday morning all seven of the migrants believed responsible had been taken into custody. Six handed themselves in, and the seventh was the subject of a citizen’s arrest, reports the Berliner Morgenpost. It is reported police are treating the 21-year-old Syrian as the ringleader of the migrant gang. German media