Police Claim: Islamic State Deliberately Stoking Tensions Between Migrants And Europeans

The German Federal Police Union has claimed that the Islamic State is sending fighters through migrant channels in order to discredit all migrants. The German  police union came out on Friday saying that the Islamic state has enough money that it doesn’t need to send its fighters through migrant channels. They say that the terror group is using the migrant crisis to stoke up fears of asylum seekers rather than use the convenient open borders and lax security to smuggle fighters and commit acts of terror Die Welt reports. Rainer Wendt, head of the police union, has said that in the wake of the planned terror attack in Dusseldorf the first thing Germans should think of is to not blame migrants or have a general suspicion of them. The terror attack that was planned in Dusseldorf involved three Syrians who had fought for the Islamic State in Syria and had smuggled themselves across the now closed Balkan route into Germany. Their mission was highly organized and they were in direct contact with ISIS leaders. The group planned to detonate two members as suicide bombers and a third was to shoot as many more victims as possible, hoping to kill at least 200 people