Police Commissioner Bans Gay Sauna, ‘Too Close to Mosque… Caused Widespread Offence’

Muslims pray during the Eid-al-Adha, Fes
A Conservative Party Police and Crime Commissioner has blocked a licence for a gay sauna – because the location is too close to a mosque, which she said might cause “policing issues”. The sauna’s owners withdrew the application after receiving a barrage of homophobic abuse from the local Muslim community. Greenhouse Health Club in Luton has been operating for 18 years, but an application lodged by its owners for an entertainment license, which would allow them to sell sex toys and screen adult films, sparked fierce opposition from the local community – championed by Bedfordshire PPC Kathryn Holloway, a former TV presenter. The club is situated just five minutes from a major Luton mosque, and after meeting with local Muslims Mrs. Holloway decided that this was just too close for comfort. In a letter of objection sent to Luton Borough Council (LBC), she said that the application had caused “widespread offence and very deep concern,” and warned that if it permission was granted “a number of potential policing issues may arise” due to the sauna’s proximity to a “very significant Luton mosque”. She added: “Luton Borough Council is usually particularly aware of matters of cultural sensitivity. “I trust therefore that