Police Officer Stabbed During Terror Arrest In Paris

PARIS (AP) — A failed attack involving a car loaded with gas canisters near Notre Dame Cathedral was spearheaded a group of women that included a 19-year-old whose written pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State group was found by police, a security official said Friday. The teen, Ines Madani, stabbed a police officer with a knife and was shot in the leg Thursday night in a raid south of Paris, police said. France’s interior minister described the pursuit as “a race against time” to find Madani and the two women with her before they struck. Another of the women had, at one point, been in close contact with the extremist who killed two French police officials earlier this year before he was shot to death, two officials said. A man arrested Thursday also had ties to the dead jihadi, Larossi Abballa, who filmed himself on Facebook Live pledging allegiance to Islamic State as he sat in the home of the dead officials, one of the officials said. Security in train stations around Paris was visibly higher Friday as the investigation widened. “There’s a group that has been annihilated, but there are others,” French President Francois Hollande said Friday. “Information